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Do I need to purchase something to participate in the giveaways?

No, absolutely not. Some of our club memberships are for customers, but there is no purchase necessary to earn points or participate in the public giveaways.

Do I have to check in every day to enter the giveaways?

No! You're automatically entered into every giveaway that your qualified to be part of. We'll send an email update with the winner.

How do I earn more entries?

Just share your unique link! When you sign up you'll be given a link that tracks back to you. When your friends sign up you get more points (entries). When your friends share, you get points as well.

Do my points / entries ever expire?

No! Your points stay with you and count as entries into every giveaway that you're qualified for. The faster you earn points the more entries you'll have into every single contest.

How do I find previous winners?

When you sign in, click on the "see all giveaways" button.

How will my information be used?

We never sell or share your information. As part of our community, you'll receive updates on our giveaways and upcoming product launches. That's it!

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